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  1. You can donate securely online.
  2. Text the code "LOVEPACSLITTLEELM" to 44-321
  3. Shop our Amazon wishlist

Upcoming Events

Please contact your local chapter leaders to find out what events are upcoming and the needs of the community

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Current Needs

  • Mac & Cheese (Box)
  • Mac & Cheese (Individual cups)
  • Microwave Popcorn Bags
  • Granola Bars (10 -12 count box)
  • Single Serving Snacks (1 – 1.5 oz pretzels, goldfish, Cheez-its, peanut butter crackers)
  • Goldfish (individual 6 oz bags)
  • Boxed Cereal (up to 15 oz box)

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Schools We Serve

Lovepacs-Little Elm serves students in all LEISD schools

and the North Texas Collegiate Academy - East Campus.

Additional Information



Adopt-a-Lovepac is a unique event because it allows others to shop, work, and deliver with the sole focus being on another individual in need. It allows others to work with their family, team, small group, business and/or church to plan, organize, and execute a hands-on service opportunity.

  1. Pick up your box from us. Boxes are available for pickup on Mondays and Fridays between 10am and noon at the Lovepacs pantry located at 15222 King Rd #1002, Frisco 75036. Email us at if you need to arrange a pickup at another time.
  2. Decorate your box –Be creative! Draw hearts, stars, smiley faces, flowers, etc. Include encouraging words such as, “You are loved!”, “You’re awesome!” etc. Please no holiday or seasonal related words or drawings.
  3. Purchase your items – Please follow the packing list above as closely as possible. Please check that the expiration dates are past the holiday you are packing for.
  4. Pack your box – Tape the bottom of the box.  Place the cereal box in first and to one side. Then lay the cans on their sides on the bottom. Everything should fit in the box. If you need extra space, the granola bars and oatmeal packages can be unboxed and placed in a gallon ziploc bag.
  5. Return your box unsealed to one of the Drop Off Locations listed above.

Thank you for supporting Lovepacs Little Elm!