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The district and city of Denton are hosting multiple food distribution sites over the summer beginning Tuesday May 31.
❤Click the photo <--- for the link to search for meal sites near you.
💛Check our social media pages for updates.
💙Text "FOOD" to 304-304, provide your zip code, and you will be given a list of the three nearest locations to you.
Meals are provided once or twice daily depending on the site. Anyone 18 and under is eligible to receive the free meals.
They will not be bundled for the day or week as they have been the past two years. They are returning to the pre-COVID practice of handing out one meal at a time. Meals are bagged, take-and-go style.
Feel free to reach out to us directly ( or through your child's school counselor if you are in need of extra assistance for your child(ren) over the summer break.

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How to Donate

  • You can make a one time or monthly online donation HERE .

You can always direct ship items from our list, from any store you choose, to:

Lovepacs Denton
1017 Edinburg Lane
Denton, TX    76209

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Want to volunteer with us? Let Sarah know HERE!

Upcoming Events

Please contact your local chapter leaders to find out what events are upcoming and the needs of the community

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Current Needs

  • Cans of Fruit (15 oz pears, peaches)
  • Cans of Tuna or Chicken (5 oz)
  • Canned Pasta (15 oz Ravioli, Spaghetti, Chef Boyrdee)
  • Mac & Cheese (Box)
  • Microwave Popcorn Bags
  • Granola Bars (10 -12 count box)
  • Single Serving Snacks (1 – 1.5 oz pretzels, goldfish, Cheez-its, peanut butter crackers)
  • Instant Oatmeal (box of individual packets)
  • Boxed Cereal (single serving, individually packaged)
  • Fruit Cups (single serving)
  • Applesauce (single serving)

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Thank You to Our Partners

Schools We Serve

DISD Schools Served by Lovepacs:


  • Alexander
  • Bell
  • Borman
  • Cross Oaks
  • Ginnings
  • Hodge
  • Houston
  • McNair
  • L.A. Nelson
  • Nette Shultz
  • Newton Rayzor
  • North Texas Collegiate Academy - Denton Campus
  • Paloma Creek
  • Pecan Creek
  • Providence
  • Rivera
  • Savannah
  • Stephens
  • Union Park
  • W.S. Ryan

Middle School

  • Bettye Myers MS
  • Calhoun MS
  • McMath MS
  • Navo MS
  • Rodriguez MS
  • Strickland MS

High School

  • Braswell HS
  • Ryan HS

Becca Burris

Chapter Co-Lead, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

I’m a wife of 13 years, and a mom to three amazing and beautiful young people. When not working or volunteering I love to cross stitch, read, go camping with my family and chill with friends.

I joined Lovepacs and helped found the Denton chapter because of how fully the organization serves. We provide meals not only snacks and fill the often open gap in services by providing this food over holiday breaks. More great things are happening this year, and I’m so excited to be a part of it!

Nicol Fuller

Chapter Co-Lead, Accounting and Finance Coordinator

I’m a stay-at-home mom of two amazing kids. My other job is creating and selling origami art through my business Origami Denton.

I co-founded Lovepacs Denton because I could directly see my efforts help children in my community. I was drawn to Lovepacs because they don’t require the recipients to complete any qualifying paperwork and they are almost completely run by volunteers. I love that my kids are able to volunteer right along with me. I believe finding ways you can make a positive impact on the world is the path to contentment.


Sarah Trachsel

Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Sarah. I’m a SAHM to four active and inspiring young humans, and a proud wife to a caring and hardworking man. When I’m not volunteering with Lovepacs you can find me either in my craft studio or with my nose in a book.

I first joined Lovepacs because I was looking for a way to serve our community as a family. I wanted to show my kids that even one very small person can make a big difference. It is a privilege to serve this wonderful organization with so many other loving and generous volunteers!

Sydney Regis

Instagram Manager, Marketing Team Member


Kathleen Simmons

Fundraising Manager

After following Lovepacs on social media and periodically donating to their organization, I decided to take my involvement to the next level two years ago, and I am so thankful for the opportunity.

I think that what Lovepacs does for the children of our community is not only a blessing, it’s a necessity, and it wouldn’t be possible without the generous members of Denton county. I am thrilled to be a part of such an amazing organization!

Heather and her familyHeather Karl

Community Outreach Manager

I’m Heather Karl, and I serve as a Community Outreach Coordinator for the Lovepacs Denton. I grew up in Krum, TX and have lived in the Denton area all of my life. My husband and I are blessed with 2 amazing girls!  We try to volunteer together as much as we can because we feel that it is important for our girls to understand the meaning of volunteering and giving back.

I found out about Lovepacs from another parent from my daughter’s class and fell in love with their mission and goals to help as many kids in Denton ISD as possible. I love the wonderful leaders of this organization, the amazing co-leaders and ALL of the awesome volunteers. We have a wonderful and committed group and I am grateful and thrilled to serve along the side of them! #feedallthekids

Kalisha Norman

Market Liaison

Patti Wilson

Inventory Manager

After retiring in 2020 from an incredible career in education, I knew that I wanted some way to continue to give and support schools and the community. My husband and I had recently moved to Denton County, and I had a friend mention Lovepacs Denton. I reached out and feel blessed to be a part of this amazing organization that does so much good for children and families.

My husband and I currently live in Pilot Point, and have two children, a daughter who lives in Austin and a son who lives in Denton. We love to travel, camp, and spend time watching college sporting events.

Thank you for supporting Denton children!